My 3 Strands Dedication Cards & Inspirational Prints


Feel the Peace, Love and Joy: Know That God’s Presence is Woven into Every Relationship

Have you ever wondered how to keep your thoughts focused on the positive aspects in every one of your relationships? Have negative thoughts and fears cut you off from others? Have trouble battling the negative influences of society? Want inspiring words to help you smile about the love God has for you and others?

Your thinking shapes how you feel and what you do. Many famous thinkers, from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and many others, teach that what you believe and think will have a profound effect on your life.  You become what you think about is a truth validated by thousands of years of human experience. 

Your relationships will be full of peace, love, joy and happiness when you remember that God is involved in every single one of your relationships.

Let me tell you a secret.

I have valued my wife for more than 24 years. Now, I’m not perfect, but I discovered how to remember my wife in a very positive way, including what her name means. My wife’s name is Cheryl and her name comes from the Latin: Filled with beauty and grace.

How do I know? I have carried a card with my wife’s name and its meaning in my wallet for the last 20+ years. When I look at her card, I remember how lucky I am to have her as my wife. It has been a Dedication Card that has served me, my marriage and my family very well.

Many scientists today believe that repeated thoughts have electrochemical charges that create physical pathways in the brain. Thinking the same thoughts over and over wears a channel in your brain so that the same thoughts become habitual patterns. This is great if the thoughts are wholesome and life-giving, but can be harmful with destructive, negative thinking.

Be Transformed: Renew Your Mind with Loving and Lovely Thoughts.

Renowned psychologists have dedicated their lives to understanding what destroys marriages, families, friendships and communities. A common discovery is that harsh thoughts criticize, condemn, and minimize others and cause the decline of happiness in relationships.

The statistics are startling: 40-to-50 % of marriages fail; domestic violence is prevalent; families are threatened by drugs, alcohol, and apathy. Headline stories in newspapers and the evening news expose gory details about crime, unrest and social anxiety.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make a difference. Now, you can experience God’s love and have very positive, fulfilling relationships. One person at a time. All you have to do is to remember that you are already connected with God and others with inspirational dedications.

Reinforce Positive Beliefs and Thoughts to Create Love, Joy and Happiness.

You can have a strong marriage, family, friendships and community that is filled with respect, trust and confidence in other people. You can create positive thoughts about your relationships create more harmony and love. How? By remembering that God is present and involved with you in every relationship. God is your third strand with friends, family, and every person you meet.

You just need to remind yourself of that. Take a look at how you can:

Build an Engagement into a Life Long Friendship as You Prepare for Your Marriage.
As a couple engaged to be married, make their engagement a special time to honor each other.

Celebrate God as the Third Strand to Become and Remain a Happy, Fulfilled Married Couple.
Make your marriage a partnership between three persons – God, a husband and a wife – to bring forth and nurture life. 

Cherish Your Relationship with Your Children.
Moms and dads can recall how they knit a close union with children to create a loving awareness that lasts a lifetime.

Make Your Family Dedication an Exciting and Loving Place to Grow.
Every family is a sharing of time, love and personal attention that relies on God’s grace to grow deeper in love and service to each other.

Turn Every Acquaintance into a Heart-Felt Friend.
Every friendship is a giving and receiving of affection, trust and caring between two people, blessed by God’s loving presence and kindness.

Transform Your Neighborhood and Community into a Safe Place to Live and Visit.
Every neighborhood and community is a living network of people with the purpose to serve and help each other.

Remember Your Deceased Loved Ones.
In hope and faith, everyone can honor the memory of their deceased loved ones who are invited to live in eternal life with God. 

What Does “My 3 Strands” Mean?

Consider this verse in the Ecclesiastes 4:12 of the Bible: “A three-ply cord is not easily broken.” A rope of three strands or cords is tough to break. Each strand makes the other two stronger. So what is the story of the third strand?

Every relationship that you have involves yourself as Strand One; another person or group of persons as Strand Two and God, as Strand 3. All three strands are important. You are responsible for honoring everyone involved in your relationships. You do this by remembering God and respecting each person.

The Second Meaning of My 3 Strands.

The three virtues of a happy life are the other set of My 3 Strands. Faith. Hope. Love. Faith believes in the presence of God and the best for the other person. Hope expects that the future will be bright and happy. is Love is the fullness of life when God is active in each person. Every My 3 Strands card and print reminds you that faith, hope and love are an important part of your relationships too.

The Science and Faith of Dedication Cards and Inspirational Prints.

The first common technique used to achieve a goal and attain accomplishments is to write out what you want on a card, carry it with you and look at it often. This process creates a new way of thinking by creating positive thoughts in the sub-conscious mind, which lead to positive behaviors. A person has “automatic memory” of these positive thoughts and makes positive decisions in his or her life.

Carry Your Commitment With You. Dedication Cards help you do exactly that for relationships. The front side of each Dedication card contains a special inspirational poem about marriage, engagement, family, friendships, community and even your departed loved ones. Each poem reinforces the thinking that God, you and others are involved in the relationship.

The back side of each card allows you to write in the name of your loved ones: wife or husband, fiance or fiancée, family members, friends, community or deceased loved ones. Looking at the card often and read it over and over. You will deposit positive thoughts in your mind, which lead to greater understanding and awareness – peace, respect and love for God, yourself and others.

Display Your Commitment at Home and at Work.

A second useful technique is to write out what you want on a piece of paper and display that paper wherever you go. Inspirational Prints display the special poem so that you can frame it, put it where you spend much of your time, and view it to reinforce the belief that God, you and others are involved in the relationship.

Use both the cards and the prints to give you double the effectiveness to transform your thoughts and your thinking.

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Purchase these gifts for yourself and your loved ones, read the inspiring messages often and take personal action to make your relationships better.

You will feel happier, more joy-filled and at peace when you recognize God’s love and presence in your life.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you.

Dave Pipitone